Mana Technologies Venture members has over twenty years of successful history investing in the development of diversified, cutting-edge technologies.


We invest primarily in early stage pre Series A with reserve for follow-on for minimum two or more investments.

Vast network​

We utilize our vast network and connections to help the companies in every aspect of company needs: Marketing, Sales, Development, Support etc.

Reliable investing

We invest mainly in Software Internet, Mobile with no specific vertical although did a lot in Health care. We may be observers or take Board seat.

How are we different?

Our people are all ex CEOs or top leadership in successful companies. We believe that the experience it a major factor in the success and we want to help our companies with top talent and experience. We work hard and expect the companies to work hard. We want 100% success and do not want any company to drop. We understand that developing new company is not a walk in the park and things happen. We are ready to help guide and support.

While we welcome other co-investors we have our own capital and don’t have to wait to provide the funding.

About us

Mana summarizes his philosophy with the slogan, “Mana Common stands for collaboration, connection, communication, and compassion.”
Avner Schneur is the President and CEO of GRM, leading document record company. GRM provides physical and digital solution worldwide and solutions.